Linda Hunt Williams
Leadership You Can Depend On!

Councilwoman Linda Hunt Williams
Town of Holly Springs

Leadership You Can Depend On!




A strong state economy is crucial to the economic health of our communities. We cannot have a vibrant state economy without keeping our government costs down. Yes, we have a growing population and a growing private sector, but that does not mean that we should have a growth in state government.


The role of our state government is to help our citizens and private sector flourish. Keeping our state government within its specific delegated role will attract entrepreneurs and companies to do business here.

North Carolina has a phenomenal level of educated workers that need private sector jobs. A strong private sector increases state revenues, which means our state government should be able to meet our infrastructure and citizens’ needs that are the responsibility of the state. The problem is that the state government is doing more than it should be doing; thus the high cost of state government is outpacing what the private sector can generate relative to state revenues.

As I did as Holly Springs’ Councilwoman, I promise to continue to fight for a small effective and efficient government and a diverse, business-friendly environment in North Carolina, and more particularly, our District. Keeping government small and our economy vibrant will bring a rise in the availability of jobs close to our homes, increased government revenues, and ultimately an increase in our quality of life.


Going along with holding down the size of the state government is the reality that our citizens and our businesses are choking on the costs it takes to run our state government. For every dollar that goes into running our government is another dollar that does not go into supporting our private sector’s ability for job creation. Our hardworking North Carolinians need relief! I promise to strive to keep taxes low by watching government spending with a goal of achieving a smaller more effectual state government.


My belief is that a balanced budget is vital to the future of North Carolina. Key to growing our economy is keeping debt down and taxes low. Low debt enables us to maintain low tax levels and use our growing revenues for fundamental functions of government that increases our citizens’ quality of life.

As a proven fiscally responsible representative, I promise to work with my fellow legislators to find solutions to our budget challenges to deliver to our citizens a balanced and efficient conservative budget that will bring out the best of North Carolina.


There is no other issue that touches on every aspect of our lives. The right to life was embedded in our country’s fabric from its beginning as a sacred inalienable right. We must respect life from its conception to its end. Our men, women, children, elderly, and persons suffering from debilitating illnesses and life crises need help and support that will sustain life─not unnaturally end it.

Too long the rhetoric from the left battered our citizens with the “right to choose” pretense. We need to think of other ways to support the right to life rather than taking the “easy way” out. Right to life is a basic constitutional right for all born and unborn.

Our Founders knew this and thus made a point of putting it in our Constitution. They knew that their and our future depends on it. As your Representative, I promise to find other options to enable a respect life atmosphere in our State without having to end life.


Our constitutional right to bear arms is fundamental to our American citizenship, and it protects us from tyranny. Of late there have been many attempts to limit our access to firearms. An armed populace can protect itself from internal and external threats. An unarmed populace is fearful of and vulnerable to crime and oppression.

Rather than our government limiting our access to guns, it should concentrate on one of its basic purposes of enhancing and supporting public safety functions. We must not allow our government to take away the right to protect ourselves from any threat to our lives.

Too often some of our leaders criticize our public safety officers unnecessarily rather than giving them the tools to effectively do their very difficult job. Somehow guns are blamed for deaths when it really should be the criminal who should be blamed. Our citizens deserve the most efficient and effective public safety amenities we can offer.  Protection of the 2nd Amendment rights and a strong, well-trained public safety force will keep our citizens safe.

First and foremost, I promise to protect our 2nd Amendment rights and keep our public safety services strong and well equipped to meet any future challenge.


Illegal immigration is on the top of many voters issue lists, and it should be. Our nation was built by immigrants who came to America for a better life for themselves, their children, and grandchildren. Allowing the illegal immigration problem to continue undermines the financial and physical safety of our citizens and our legal immigrants who have followed the immigration laws.  We must close access to sanctuary cities and secure our borders.

As your representative, I promise to work hard to ensure our federal and state government develops a strong program to fight against aliens entering America illegally.


As a grandmother of two grand children who have attended North Carolina public schools, education is a very important issue for me. I strongly believe that our children are our future, and they deserve the best education we can offer and a safe place to be educated.

First, we need to keep our children safe and prevent gang and drug activities in our schools. By partnering with our public safety officers and School Resource Officers, our schools can help our children feel safe and develop positive relationship with our public safety officers. If a child feels safe they will perform better.

Our education system must broaden its view of education to include all education opportunities for our children. Children are all different; therefore our educational system must be varied with solutions to meet our children’s varied learning needs.

Our teachers need all our support to ensure we keep qualified, seasoned educators. We need to develop educational approaches that will provide long-term solutions─not short-term fixes.

I will continue to strive, uphold, and support all of North Carolina’s schools and look to and for positive and varied solutions on how we will “educate the Public.”


Better access to healthcare is important to all voters. We want quality and affordable healthcare. Giving that process to government is not the answer. We must ensure that the patient-doctor relationship is protected, and the government's role, if any, in that relationship is very limited.  As is common knowledge, government involvement is very costly, inefficient, and eventually leads to tax increases. Our healthcare system needs to be relieved of governmental intrusion and regulation, which I believe will ultimately lower our healthcare costs and increase access to healthcare.

As your representative, I will look for ways to relieve our healthcare system of unnecessary federal and state regulations and bring less costly health services to all our citizens.